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Is each recommended action (what to do) stated specifically and unambiguously? That is, would members of the intended audience execute each action in a consistent way? If not, rewrite the action.

Recommended Action
Under what conditions will be performed?

Under What Conditions
Would the guideline's intended audience consistently determine whether each condition has been satisfied? If not, rewrite the condition.

What are the intended benefits of


What are the anticipated Risks, Harms, and Costs of


Is there Equilibrium or a preponderance of Benefits or Risks, Harms, and Costs?

Preponderance of Risks, Harms, and Costs
Preponderance of Benefits


Risks, Harms, Costs
What aggregate evidence quality supports these benefits, risks, harms, and costs?


Evidence Quality
A Intervention - well designed and conducted meta-analyses on applicable populations; Diagnosis - Indept gold standard studies of applicable pops.

B Trials or diagnostic studies with minor limitations; consistent findings from multiple observational studies

C Single or few observational studies or multiple studies with inconsistent findings or major limitations

D Expert opinion, case reports, reasoning from first principles

X Exceptional situations where validating studies cannot be performed and there is a clear preponderance of harm or benefit

With a Evidence Quality Rating and this key action statement should have a Recommendation Strength of

The level of obligation should be


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