GEM-Q is a prototype application that demonstrates the feasibility of automated guideline quality evaluations.  It is based on the Guideline Elements Model (GEM) and it uses Extensible Stylesheet Language (XSL) technology.  GEM-Q takes GEM-encoded guidelines as input.  GEM-Q extracts text components from the GEM-encoded guideline that are relevant to the quality rating instrument. The guideline quality evaluation and the rationale for the evaluation are displayed via a standard web browser. 


Clinical practice guidelines have been defined by the Institute of Medicine as "systematically developed statements to assist practitioner and patient decisions about appropriate health care for specific clinical circumstances."

A variety of guideline quality evaluation instruments have been published recently. One such quality rating instrument, the Guidelines Quality Assessment Questionnaire (GQAQ), was published in JAMA in 1999 by Shaneyfelt, et al.  GQAQ is a 25-item guideline quality rating instrument that contains 10 items to evaluate guideline development and format, 10 items to evaluate evidence identification and summary, and 5 items to evaluate formulation of recommendations.

GEM-Q Online

GEM-Q Online is a web application based on GEM-Q.  A user can submit GEM-encoded guidelines and receive guideline quality evaluations based on the GQAQ rating instrument. For usage tracking purposes only, we request that you enter your e-mail address to login to the application.

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