Welcome to the ERGO Project
The overarching goal of this research program is to enable clinical experts to transform knowledge about best practices into systems that can influence clinical care.

Our specific aims are to:

  • Create a library of representative guideline recommendation statements that will be used to better understand and characterize the current corpus of guideline statements and to serve as a resource for modeling and evaluation activities;
  • Delineate the range of ambiguous, vague, and underspecified recommendation statements and devise targeted remedies;
  • Analyze the terminology of obligation (deontic components) used in guideline recommendation statements to understand how this concept can be applied most effectively;
  • Create an ontology of recommendations by integrating an NLP-based semantic analysis of a body of exemplary guideline statements with a   domain-oriented recommendation model;
  • Develop and evaluate a controlled language editor with WYSIWYM interface for use by domain experts to facilitate authoring of recommendations that can be translated into decision support tools.

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